About Us

VOICEMAIL WITH LOVE was founded in 2022 by Marius and Christian. Two friends sat together at lunch on a Friday afternoon and chatted about this and that. At some point they talked about past wedding visits and both talked about almost identical experiences.

Both recently attended a wedding with their partners, found a classic guest book at it, stood there and were plagued by the same thoughts:

- What should we write?

- What do you write like that?

- Should I google something?

- Can you write? You have a nicer font!

- Which pen should we use?

- Do you have the gold one? Can we have that too?

- Can I write it like that? What are the others writing?

Both found this to be totally impersonal, old-fashioned and emotionless . So the considerations began with the question: How can you capture greetings from wedding guests that reflect what the wedding guests really want to say and in the most personal and emotional way possible.

The comparison to WhatsApp came to mind for the two founders: a written message can quickly be misunderstood or misinterpreted by the recipient. We all know that.

This rarely happens with spoken text in the form of a voice message, because the recipient immediately hears his mood and feelings through the sender's voice. A spoken message conveys emotions, a written message does not.

BAM! That’s when the idea of ​​the audio guestbook was born! A guestbook that does not contain a written text , but a spoken one! This creates a unique opportunity to record special moments and memories and keep them forever .

Our vision

Our vision is that every event , be it a wedding, a birthday or a company event, is enriched with an audio guestbook . We want to help people capture their special moments in a unique way that they will never forget. A voice captures unique moments and emotions that still touch the heart years later. Maybe even from people who unfortunately can no longer be with us .

We look forward to working with you and making your event unforgettable!

Our environment

German online retail has a waste problem: more than 1.5 million tons of waste are generated every year from disposable cardboard boxes and 3 million tons of CO₂ emissions . Every second, 50 kg of waste is created through shipping packaging. Not with us!

At VOICEMAIL WITH LOVE, we are proud to offer a sustainable and environmentally conscious alternative to the traditional shipping method . Our audio guestbooks are shipped in special, reusable cases, which allows us to avoid unnecessary plastic and cardboard packaging materials .

Thanks to our packaging concept, we can not only protect the environment , but also ensure that the audio guestbooks reach you undamaged. You can also easily return the suitcase - the return label is already in the suitcase.

We are proud that our audio guestbooks have a positive impact on the environment while providing a unique way to capture your wedding memories.