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[eBook] The Ultimate Wedding Checklist: Everything you need for your dream wedding

[eBook] The Ultimate Wedding Checklist: Everything you need for your dream wedding

Are you feeling overwhelmed by wedding planning and want to enjoy your big day stress-free?

Our guide turns complex planning into simple steps for your perfect day.

💪 Almost 50 pages of concentrated knowledge

☎️ FREE when booking an audio guestbook

📅 Step-by-step planning checklists

🎉 Ideas for creative entertainment

🆘 Wedding day emergency kit

💃 Music selection and entertainment options

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Are you at the beginning of your wedding planning or are you already in the middle of it and want to make sure that you don't miss anything? "The Ultimate Wedding Checklist" is your indispensable digital companion that will guide you step by step to your perfect day. This comprehensive eBook offers detailed instructions, inspiring ideas and practical tools to support you from the first decision to the last dance.

What awaits you?

  • Detailed planning steps : From choosing the date to budgeting and choosing the perfect location - we have thought of everything.
  • Trendy Inspirations : Discover the latest trends in wedding dresses, suits and decoration ideas to make your wedding unforgettable.
  • Essential tools : With our checklists, templates and provider recommendations, you can always stay organized and keep track.
  • Insider tips for the big day : Learn how to plan a stress-free wedding, put together an emergency kit and optimally inform your guests.

Who is this eBook for?

“Your ultimate wedding checklist” is aimed at all prospective brides and grooms who want to take their big day into their own hands. Whether you're dreaming of a small, intimate celebration or a grand gala, this eBook will provide you with everything you need to make your wedding dreams come true.

Why choose this eBook?

Because your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and you deserve it to be just as perfect as you dreamed. With The Ultimate Wedding Checklist, you can enjoy the planning, know you've thought of everything, and look forward to a wonderful future.

Exclusive offer

Get this eBook FREE when you book an audio guestbook!
Our audio guestbook offers you and your guests a unique opportunity to record memories and wishes in a personal and touching way. Secure this unforgettable experience and receive “The Ultimate Wedding Checklist” for free as the perfect addition to your wedding planning.

Simply add both products (audio guestbook + eBook) to your shopping cart. The price for the eBook will then be automatically deducted at checkout.

Take the first step towards your dream wedding and secure your copy of “The Ultimate Wedding Checklist: Everything you need for your dream wedding” today – free of charge with your booking of an audio guestbook.

  • All your questions about wedding planning will be answered
  • Saves valuable time when planning
  • Benefit from proven tips and tricks

What is included?

When you purchase The Ultimate Wedding Checklist: Everything You Need for Your Dream Wedding, you will receive a comprehensive guide that will walk you through every step of your wedding planning. Here's what awaits you:

  • Comprehensive planning guides : From setting the date to the follow-up to your wedding.
  • Detailed checklists : For every chapter of wedding planning so that nothing is forgotten.
  • Budget planning tools : Practical advice and templates to get your finances under control.
  • Guest Management : Tips and tricks to manage your guest list efficiently.
  • Location selection : Insight into different wedding locations and what should be considered when choosing.
  • Catering and menu planning : ideas and strategies for an unforgettable wedding meal.
  • Decoration ideas : inspiration for designing your dream wedding.
  • Photography and Videography : How to capture the best moments.
  • Music and entertainment : everything you need for a successful celebration.
  • Ceremony Design : Personalize your big day.
  • Wedding clothing : trends and tips for the bride and groom and guests.
  • Stationery : From invitations to thank you notes.
  • Wedding Websites : Use digital tools to your advantage.
  • The Big Day : A detailed schedule for your wedding.
  • Communication with guests : Make sure all important information is received.
  • Planning a honeymoon : Start your married life with a dream trip.
  • Appendix with additional resources : checklists, templates, and recommended vendors.

This guide is your key to stress-free and unforgettable wedding planning.

What is the process?

  1. Complete Purchase : Add The Ultimate Wedding Checklist eBook to your cart and complete the purchase process.
  2. Verify email : After purchasing, you will receive a confirmation email with a download link for the eBook in PDF format.
  3. Download : Click on the link in the email to download the eBook. Save the file in a safe location on your device.
  4. Open : Open the PDF file with a PDF reader of your choice on your computer, tablet or smartphone.
  5. Start planning : Start reading and use the checklists and resources in the eBook to organize your wedding planning step by step.

With these simple steps you have everything you need to plan your dream wedding stress-free.

Special offer: Free eBook

Book an audio guestbook for your wedding now and receive the eBook “The Ultimate Wedding Checklist: Everything you need for your dream wedding” for FREE!

Simply add both products (audio guestbook + eBook) to your shopping cart. The automatic discount will then be applied at checkout.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to benefit twice with our comprehensive guide and innovative audio guestbook.

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The Limits of Writing: Why Words Alone Cannot Capture Your Wedding

Relive your wedding again and again: with vivid audio memories

anthony-le-Pw0-dpTelyo-unsplash klein schwarz weiß.jpg__PID:d0d35d43-ae34-4f51-8038-ae7158e0436d

Make your wedding memories come alive!

Imagine your wedding is over and all that's left are a few lines in a guestbook.

The voices and laughter of your loved ones fade over time.

You wish you could capture these moments, these feelings, forever, but how?

A traditional guestbook cannot capture the atmosphere and emotions of the day. But what if there was a way to keep your guests' voices, their laughter and wishes, alive?

audio gästebuch hochzeit

Your wedding, captured in voices and emotions!

With VOICEMAIL WITH LOVE, every congratulation and every laugh from your guests is recorded in clear audio.

Imagine hearing the voices of your loved ones, their wishes and stories whenever you want.

Our audio guestbook makes it possible.

It is easy to use and does not require electricity or internet. Every spoken message becomes a lasting, audible memory - a living time capsule of your special day.

With VOICEMAIL WITH LOVE, your wedding memories are preserved not just in words, but in real emotions.

  • audio gästebuch hochzeit


    You choose an audio guestbook here on our website, choose your wedding date and complete the booking. We will contact you again afterwards to coordinate everything else.

  • audio gästebuch hochzeit

    Your wedding

    We will send you your audio guestbook in advance. You set it up at your wedding and let your guests say their greetings on it. The later the evening, the nicer the greetings.

  • audio gästebuch hochzeit

    Your memories

    After you send us the audio guestbook back, we will edit your recordings and send them to you. This way you have captured the greetings from your wedding guests forever.

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What you get from us

✅ Battery-operated audio guestbook for mobile use - no electricity, internet or similar required

✅ Free shipping within the EU several days before your wedding

✅ Free return shipping after your wedding

✅ Over 24 hours of recording time in studio quality

✅ Simply set it up, switch it on and get started

✅ Personalized guest instructions as a standee

✅ Professional mixing of the recordings

✅ Audio recordings on a heart-shaped wooden USB stick in a representative wooden storage box

✅ Shipped in a reusable shipping box without packaging material such as plastic, paper or cardboard

20220910_132143470_iOS klein.jpg__PID:7313282b-19f4-430f-901f-26e8e942642a

Unique memories

Unlike traditional guestbooks, an audio guestbook captures the voices and emotions of your guests, giving you a more personal and memorable keepsake.
In addition, you can always look in a traditional guest book to see what the other guests have written. This is not possible in an audio guestbook, so your guests' wedding greetings will be much more personal and intimate.

_DSC6467_komp klein.jpg__PID:539e0e29-8ca4-492e-b29b-3bdd69fd3910

Vivid emotions

A spoken word conveys much more emotion than one written in a traditional guestbook. In addition, you usually only sign a guestbook once. People like to speak into an audio guestbook more often.
Especially as the level rises.

403 - DSC_1499 klein.jpg__PID:88396511-3396-4609-9229-9cd26b8a90f0

Easy handling

All of our audio guestbooks are battery operated. You don't need a power or internet connection.
Simply set it up, switch it on and get started.
After your wedding, simply turn the audio guestbook off again and send it back in the shipping box.

Secure booking

Select your desired audio guestbook for your wedding date and book it permanently. You have now secured your audio guestbook for your wedding!
With us you save yourself any inquiries about availability, offers, confirmations and annoying email traffic.

Customer testimonials from the heart

Carmen Podleschka
vor 2 Monaten

Das Gästebuch kam bei unseren Gästen sehr gut an. Die Qualität der Aufnahmen ist einwandfrei. Christian war auch kurzfristig zu erreichen und war sehr freundlich im Kontakt. Vielen Dank für die tolle Erinnerung an unsere Hochzeit. Auch der USB-Stick mit Gravur ist schön anzusehen.

Philipp Geyr
vor 6 Monaten

Der Service ist Bombe! Wir hatten Probleme mit DHL und das Paket wäre fast nicht rechtzeitig angekommen aber das Team hat den Standort des Pakets ausfindig gemacht und es kostenfrei erneut versendet! Abgesehen davon finde ich, dass das Telefon eine großartige Idee ist, um dem Brautpaar ein persönliches Geschenk zu machen. Es ist einfach zu bedienen und die Tonqualität ist trotz Musik im Hintergrund sehr gut. Ich denke, dass das Brautpaar es lieben wird, all die herzlichen Nachrichten von ihren Freunden und Familienmitgliedern zu hören.

Michelle Escher
vor 2 Monaten

Empfehlung von Herzen Lieber Christian , Vielen vielen Dank für deine unglaubliche Mühe den tollen Service und deine Liebe zur Arbeit & Detail. Von Anfang - Ende haben wir einen top Service erlebt und alles ist nach unseren Vorstellungen geschehen . Das Telefon war auf unserer Hochzeit ein echter Hingucker , die Gäste hatten mega Spaß ( vor allem zu späterer Stunde ) Vielen vielen Dank Liebe Grüße Michelle und Nico

Jannik Schwark
vor 6 Monaten

Das Audiogästebuch war echt ein Highlight auf unserer Hochzeit! Die Stimmen, Emotionen und Glückwünsche unserer Gäste wurden einzigartig festgehalten und wir freuen uns jederzeit wieder reinhören zu können.

Annique Meyer
vor 8 Monaten

Ich finde die Idee mit dem Audio-Gästebuch super! Bei unseren Aufnahmen konnten wir die Emotionen unserer Hochzeitsgäste hören und spüren. Ich bin mir sicher, dass unsere Hochzeit durch diese Erinnerung unvergesslich bleibt. Die Kommunikation mit dem Team verlief reibungslos und unkompliziert. Ich kann die Gästebücher auf jeden Fall empfehlen!

Gabriele T
vor 3 Monaten

Tolles Gerät, super Konzept. Vielen Dank

Bibirou Lagrillade
vor 3 Monaten

Genial Nützung des Gerats sehr einfach und die Qualität der Recordings ist sehrt gut. Schnelle Lieferung. Eindfach uns sehr nette Kommunikation.

in der letzten Woche

Wir hatten uns für unsere Hochzeit einige Anbieter von Audiogästebüchern angeschaut. Nach genauem Preisvergleich ist uns aufgefallen, dass die Inklusivleistungen bei Voicemail am besten waren. Außerdem heiratet man nur einmal im Leben. Da will man am wichtigsten Tag seines Lebens keinen Ramsch haben! Unsere Gäste fanden das Audiogästebuch echt super. Vor allem das Anhören der Aufnahmen nach der Hochzeit war wirklich rührend. Man hört quasi seine Hochzeit nochmal, aber aus der Perspektive seiner (teils begetrunken) Gäste. Mit dem Service waren wir auch wirklich sehr zufrieden und vor allem der Flexibilität. Probleme kannte Christian nicht, sondern nur Lösungen. Alles lief so, wie wir es uns vorgestellt haben. Klare Empfehlung!

The details of the process

The audio guestbook of your choice

You choose an audio guestbook and book it here via our website. You can easily pay directly using one of our many payment methods and have secured your audio guestbook on your desired date.

No waiting for offers, reservation confirmations, email ping-pong, etc.

Have you changed your mind?
No problem! Simply contact us and ask for another date or another audio guestbook.

Your announcement

We will contact you again about a month before your wedding. You send us your personal and individual band announcement by email or Whatsapp. Most of our customers use WhatsApp voice messages for this. Of course, we also have a few suggestions for you.

Timely shipping

We will send you the audio guestbook including your announcement free of charge within the EU. We plan enough time for this so that your audio guestbook arrives on time and several days in advance of your wedding. Shipping is carried out in the most sustainable way possible and saves significantly more packaging material compared to conventional shipping methods. We do not use any packaging material such as paper, cardboard or plastic film.

Easy construction

You set up the audio guestbook and turn it on. After about two minutes the phone is ready for use. Instructions are not necessary, but we have included one for you just to be on the safe side.

Let's go!

The audio guestbook glows during your party and your guests' greetings become funnier the later the evening gets!

Uncomplicated return shipping

After the party, simply send the audio guestbook back in the shipping box. A return slip is of course included. We protect the environment with our reusable shipping box.

Your memories

As soon as we receive the audio guestbook back, we will optimize your recordings.
You will receive the result in a decorative, wooden storage box including a heart-shaped USB stick, also made of wood.

So that your memorabilia is not forgotten, you can put this representative box on the shelf at home and remember this great day.

Because on it you will find the greetings of your loved ones recorded forever!

Our answers to your questions

When will I receive the audio guestbook?

We will send your audio guestbook well in advance so that it arrives several days before your wedding.

We ship free of charge within the EU. As a rule, we rely on our logistics partner DHL Express. This guarantees 24-hour delivery within Germany.

Are you getting married abroad? No problem! We will be happy to send you your audio guestbook directly to your wedding location, hotel or in advance to your home so that you can take it with you yourself.

Is the audio guestbook easy to use?

Yes, our audio guestbook is very user-friendly. It requires no electricity or internet and is ready to use straight away. It only consists of the telephone. In comparison to other providers, we do not need any technology boxes or similar.

What is the audio quality of the recordings?

The recordings are of high quality. We professionally optimize all recordings to ensure clear and vivid memories.

What happens if the device doesn't work during the event?

We offer comprehensive support in the unlikely event of equipment failure during your wedding.

Can the recordings be personalized?

Yes, you can add a personal welcome message to personalize the recordings for your event.

Can I customize the design of the standee to match my wedding theme?

Yes, because we are completely free to design the display. Some bridal couples choose our standard standee, others, for example, want their wedding logo integrated.

Is the audio guestbook weatherproof for outdoor events?

The device is robust, but it should be protected from weather conditions such as rain, snow, hail, etc. to avoid damage. The device is not waterproof.

What happens if the device is damaged during shipping?

If the device is damaged during shipping, we will immediately arrange a replacement to ensure your wedding runs smoothly. For this reason, we ship every audio guestbook well in advance so that a replacement device can still be provided in time for your wedding.

Is there a money-back guarantee or a cancellation option?

We offer free cancellation up to 4 weeks before your wedding. We do not offer a money-back guarantee after your wedding.

How soon after the event will I receive the recordings?

The recordings are usually processed and made available within approximately 14 days of receiving the device.

Collapsible content

What do I do if I need technical support?

Our customer service is always available to provide technical support or advice. Even during your wedding.

How robust is the device against handling errors?

The device is robust and designed for use at events. It can easily withstand normal handling. However, the device is not waterproof. Please avoid any liquid entry.

How long/many recordings can the device store?

The device has enough storage capacity to theoretically store weeks of recordings so that all your guests can leave their messages. The battery lasts at least 24 hours.

Can guests listen to their messages and re-record them if necessary?

The purpose of an audio guestbook is for your guests to record their greetings for you and for these greetings to be recorded forever. If guests could change, re-record or even delete recordings, it would be a shame for the great memories. That's why we deliberately don't offer such an option.

How is the device delivered and returned?

The device will be mailed to you and includes everything you need to return it, including a prepaid return shipping label. All you have to do is put the audio guestbook back in the shipping box, stick on the return label and take the shipping box to the post office.

Can I get a sample of the device before booking?

We offer audio samples here on our website so that you can experience the quality of the recordings in advance.

How environmentally friendly is the audio guestbook and shipping?

We attach great importance to sustainability.

All of our audio guestbooks are old or discarded telephones that have experienced real history. We carefully disassemble, clean, prepare and technically upgrade these for use at your wedding.

You will not receive a finished plastic device from China!

We ship our audio guestbooks in reusable shipping boxes, without packaging materials such as cardboard, paper or plastic film. This is how we minimize our ecological footprint.

Is the audio guestbook suitable for every type of event?

Yes, our audio guest book is versatile and suitable for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations and other special occasions.

How can the audio recordings be accessed after the event?

After you send the audio guestbook back to us after your wedding, we will revise the greetings from your wedding guests. The recordings will then be delivered to you on a heart-shaped USB stick in a wooden box.

How about a gift voucher?

Are you undecided about which audio guestbook you want?
No problem! We have the solution!

Simply book a gift voucher of your choice. It is valid for 5 years.